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About Us

The Sheet Metal Manufactory

With high craftsmanship know-how, NIRO Präzisionstechnik manufactures complex individual parts and assemblies from stainless steel thin sheets up to 4 mm thickness. We specialize in the perfect processing of V2A and V4A stainless steel sheets as well as titanium alloys, aluminum and other high-quality materials.

Due to our manufacturing conditions, we can also meet the standards for products in cleanroom applications. Our employees have profound material knowledge and many years of technical and artisanal experience.

According to your drawings, sketches, samples, or technical requirements, we manufacture precision parts such as funnels, trouser pipes, reductions, and transitions (e.g. round to square) as well as housings. We can process surfaces in any desired structure up to an area of 1000 x 2000 mm.

We are a medium-sized family business with decades of experience in sheet metal processing. Meanwhile, the third generation is active in the company. This family tradition is even passed on among our employees.


Precision from Experience

NIRO Präzisionstechnik was founded on August 1, 2005. But there is a longer story behind it: The origins of the company go back to the NIRO-Welding shop, which the father of the current owner had founded in 1978 in Hamburg. In 1980, Annette Christiansen joined her father's company.

In the mid-nineties, the welding shop was sold and now increasingly worked in sheet metal processing for the pharmaceutical industry. After some turbulence, unfortunately, insolvency had to be filed by the then owner in early 2005. On August 1, Annette Christiansen re-founded the company with partners and later took over as the sole shareholder.

Since then, NIRO Präzisionstechnik has specialized in the artisanally perfect processing and finishing of stainless steel thin sheets. Especially in the production of funnels and complex geometries, NIRO Präzisionstechnik is one of the leading companies in the industry. Our clients include well-known companies from the pharmaceutical industry, mechanical engineering, medical technology, and many other areas.


Stainless steel processing from the inside out

In sheet metal processing, a lot of experience and a fine touch are required. After qualified training, a construction mechanic usually needs another one or two years to become a real “stainless steel specialist”.

How the sheet metal must be cut, how parts must be welded without warping and tension, how welding seams are closed corrosion-free and transitions are ground invisibly – we offer you these skills and capabilities as a stainless steel specialist. Our employees have mostly been with the company for many years and have knowledge that can only be built up through long and intensive involvement with this material.

As a training company, we also take care of the next generation of qualified employees. And – something we are particularly proud of: among our employees, the second generation is already working in the company in some cases.