In This, We Excel
Our Competencies

Perfectly shaped and processed

We specialize in the processing of stainless steel thin sheets as well as titanium alloys, aluminum, and other high-quality materials. Our core competency lies in the manufacturing of complex geometries like funnels, extraction systems, or transitions from round to square.

NIRO Präzisionstechnik exclusively processes non-corrosive materials, ensuring no rust-inducing dust can arise during production. Welding seams are formed under protective gas (TIG, MIG), thereby excluding any corrosion-leading oxygen inclusion.


Invisibly ground welding seams ensure that no product adhesions occur. Surface textures can be processed in any desired roughness depth, up to high-gloss polishing. Through this high-quality demand in the entire production chain, we can offer products,

that meet the strictest hygiene requirements. NIRO stainless steel products are suitable for cleanroom applications. We also fulfill unusual customer-specific requirements and produce practically any shape that can be manufactured from non-corroding sheets.

What we deliver

  • V2A and V4A thin sheets up to 4 mm
  • Surface finishing up to 1000 x 2000 mm
  • Warp and tension-free
  • Invisibly ground transitions
  • Highest dimensional accuracy
  • Specialist for funnels
  • Pressure-tested piping systems
  • Own design
  • Quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001
  • Modifications to/from standard workpieces
  • Meeting highest hygiene Standards
  • Prototypes, custom-made products, small and medium
  • Pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, food, and other sectors

Our Competencies


Stainless Steel

NIRO Präzisionstechnik exclusively processes non-corroding sheets and employs special welding processes that prevent corrosion at the transition points. Therefore, we can also meet the high hygiene requirements for products in cleanroom applications.

Our employees are real “stainless steel specialists” who, in addition to qualified training and further education, have many years of experience in handling this material.

We process thin sheets made of V2A and V4A stainless steel as well as titanium alloys, aluminum, and other high-quality, non-corroding materials if required.

Stainless steel as a material can be used very versatilely. Besides industrial applications, we also manufacture furniture, art, and design objects from stainless steel.



NIRO Präzisionstechnik provides you with ground images in any structure and roughness depth up to an area of 1000 x 2000 mm.

Welding seams that you can't see already enhance the optical appearance of your machines and systems. Yet, in many sectors, it is crucial that no product adhesions can remain on the welding seams, for example, in pipeline construction. Our components and assemblies have invisibly ground welding seams; the surfaces can be delivered high-gloss polished. Thus, we also meet the high hygiene requirements for cleanroom applications, for instance in the pharmaceutical industry or in food operations.

  • Surface finish high-gloss polished, ground or glass blasted in any structure and roughness depth up to 1000 x 2000 mm
  • Suitable for cleanroom applications
  • Design structures as desired for furniture construction, art objects, architectural projects, trade fair design, and shop fitting
  • Custom-made products and series production

Sheet Metal Processing

Cutting & Sawing, Rolling, Beading, Edging & Bending, Turning & Milling, Welding, Grinding & Blasting

NIRO Präzisionstechnik specializes in the artisan-machine processing of stainless steel thin sheets up to 4 mm. Our specialty is funnels, assembled shapes, and transitions, for instance from round to square as well as piping systems. We exclusively process non-corroding materials like V2A and V4A stainless steel, titanium alloys, and aluminum.

Our production conditions allow the manufacturing of products for cleanroom applications as used in the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, and the food industry.

  • Cutting: Sheet thickness up to 4 mm, length up to 3000 mm
  • Sawing: band saw for Ø up to 200 mm
  • Rolling and blending: Round processing, sheet thickness up to 3,0 mm, length up to 1200 mm, Ø 70 - 900 mm
  • Edging: Press brake, length up to2000 mm / 3,0 mm thick
  • Blasting cabin: up to 500 x 1000 mm
  • Bending: Swivel bending, length up to 2000 mm / 4,0 mm thick
  • Turning: Milling and turning machine for manual processing, CNC with partner companies
  • Welding: TIG, MIG, orbital welding
  • Grinding: Belt grinding machine up to 1000 x 2000 mm, roughness depths from 0,2 to 1,5 RZ


We can also economically fulfill unusual customer-specific requirements and produce any shape that can be made from chrome-nickel steel sheet (V2A, V4A) or aluminum.

Our own design department manufactures according to your specifications from single piece to large series. As templates for creating the precise layout, i.e., the “pattern” for the finished product, we can use sketches, drawings, or a sample. And if it gets trickier, we will take a look at your location to see how the component we manufacture must be designed to fit optimally into your machine or system.

Thus, we develop and optimize prototypes for later large series production with you before high costs arise for workpieces or machines. We are also happy to realize custom-made products for architectural projects or art projects.



The parts we manufacture are assembled as needed with third-party parts into finished assemblies. For example, funnels or connections can be provided with sight glasses, or valves and fittings can be used. Our in-house workshop will find the optimal solution with you, also concerning storage and logistics.


Quality Standards

NIRO Präzisionstechnik has exclusively specialized in the processing and handling of non-rusting sheets, mainly stainless steel. Our employees are true "stainless steel specialists," who, in addition to a qualified education and further training, have many years of experience in dealing with this material.

  • Quality standard in accordance with ISO 9001
  • Control of goods receipt and dispatch
  • Authorization for restamping
  • Highly qualified and specialized employees
  • Seamless documentation
  • Manufacturing also for cleanroom applications
  • Material certificates
  • Logging of the surface roughness
  • Material signature
  • Material quality testing by X-ray analysis device