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Medical Technology

Suitable for Cleanroom Applications

NIRO Präzisionstechnik crafts complex individual parts and assemblies from stainless steel thin sheets up to 4 mm thickness with high-level artisanal expertise. We are specialized in the perfect processing of V2A and V4A stainless steel sheets, as well as titanium alloys, aluminum, and other high-quality materials.

We exclusively process non-corrosive materials, ensuring that no rust-inducing dust is generated during manufacturing. Welds are formed under shielding gas (TIG, MIG), thus eliminating oxygen inclusion that could lead to corrosion. Seamlessly blended welds prevent any product adhesion. Surfaces can be finished to any desired roughness, up to a mirror polish.

This commitment to high quality throughout the manufacturing chain allows us to offer products that meet the strictest hygiene requirements. Therefore, NIRO stainless steel products are also suitable for cleanroom environments.

In medical technology, our unique production conditions and in-house design also allow for custom fabrications, such as double-walled waste containers for radioactive materials.

  • Storage and worktables
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Sinks
  • Sanitary room fittings
  • Components for weighing technology
  • Ramps
  • Custom fabrications